They say WikiPedia is The Voice of Big Pharma

And no, the reality is much worse than that! This is the story of Denise.Fifteen years ago she wanted to start prevention for her risk of cancer and asked me to search WikiPedia.Then Denise had a “small” cancer and asked me to find information to cure her small cancer by herself.So I had the opportunity … More

Transparence kills the White Knight !

Five thousand years ago, creating “justice” systems was the agenda of kings in Mesopotamia and other places. In a democratic election citizens make decisions without them needing to give explanation. Polling is making decisions without any need for explaining.The rule in democracies is secret ballot – in authoritarian regimes the vote is not secret. Judging … More

NoShaMo ! Don’t kill knowledge !

When the article is killed, 100 % of the actors around the article are insulted.The core of such an article is an academic research concept, it is knowledge.Killing the article is like saying to all these people :« You shady morons support a concept which is stupid, useless, misleading ! » Author : Chris Bois This is … More

Enough is enough ; an open letter to Jimmy Wales

Around me people are scared and helpless in front of Covid.The trust for the official medicine system is at its lowest !People turn to WikiPedia but be very disappointed.We take here as an example a 100% academic based article who was killed. By Chris Bois Between anger and disappointment As the first picture shows, I … More

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