NoShaMo ! Don’t kill knowledge !

When the article is killed, 100 % of the actors around the article are insulted.The core of such an article is an academic research concept, it is knowledge.Killing the article is like saying to all these people :
« You shady morons support a concept which is stupid, useless, misleading ! »

Author : Chris Bois

This is not paranoïa !
In the mock court case :
– words against the article are insulting to the authors
– words against the authors are pure slander

We report the exact words in WP censorship ; a mock court case 

When the murder of the concept-article is announced, the actors around are scandalized :

  1. « We are not shady morons ! » say the historic researchers who developed the concept.
    Why should other concepts be in WikiPedia showcase and not ours ? 
  2. « I am not a shady moron ! » says the senior author of the PhD who worked during 10 years to find the best didactics for the concept.
  3. « We are not shady morons ! » say the contributors to the article.
  4. « We are not shady morons ! » say the people who cite the article because it is useful to their research, writing or educative activity.
  5. « We are not shady morons ! » say the jurors who were part of the academic « control systems »  all the way through the history of the concept.

If we would be in physical life they would protest : “NoShaMo ! NoShaMo ! NoShaMo !


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