Enough is enough ; an open letter to Jimmy Wales

Around me people are scared and helpless in front of Covid.
The trust for the official medicine system is at its lowest !
People turn to WikiPedia but be very disappointed.
We take here as an example a 100% academic based article who was killed.

By Chris Bois

Between anger and disappointment

As the first picture shows, I react to those I call Black Knights who murder WikiPedia articles for no reason.
I mean articles based on published reliable academic research work .
Articles that are not perfect & need improvement, not murder.
I have witnessed such murders from the beginning of the WikiPedia adventure (1)

I thought that a way had been found to get out of the mock court case” process to decide wether an article had to be suppressed.

And I am informed that an article I contributed to has been suppressed after 13 years !!!

WikiPedia users and contributors are not shady morons !

During 13 years the article was found, read, the content sometimes cited.
Killing the article means that these people are stupid, idiots, shady morons (I translate the French formula Sombres crétins).
How is it possible that an old article be erased without an alert to an administrator ?

Scholars are not shady morons !

The murdered article is the encyclopedic version of published academic research work !!!
The Black Knights see the referenced sources, talk about them and say they don’t exist !!!
They erase the article as original research after saying there are sources !!!
How is it possible that no administrator see this total contradiction in terms ???

Incompetent judges with no enquiry

This is not a problem if judges are incompetent if they make an enquiry, if they ask to experts.
Instead of this, they flaunt their incompetence like jam talking about “philosophy” etc. totally out of scope.

A paradigmatic case

We describe the destruction of an article which was present for 13 years in WikiPedia.
Destruction driven by emotions, ignorance, unfairness, lazzyness, etc.
Title : WikiPedia censorship : how to kill knowledge with a mock court case

Vital new knowledge for vital new challenges

It is great that nice articles about pyramids or flowers enrich the WikiPedia readers.

But these happy readers are going to die if the new challenges of ecology, pandemics, etc. are not faced.

And for new challenges there is a sharp need for new methods for research work.

Please, Jimmy, consider this harsh reality.

With my best regards !

Chris Bois

Une fabrique de communs


(1) I have an ordinary relationship to WikiPedia
I am :

  • an early reader
  • an early contributor to articles
  • an early provider of Commons with pictures and diagrams
  • a seeker who has done research work about WikiPedia
  • a donator
  • an activist – asking friends to donate, etc. 


Jester : WikiMedia Schloss Friedenstein Boteas & FotoMusicus https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marotte#/media/File:Heinrich_Vogtherr_d._J._Schalksnarr.JPG

Knight : WikiMedia Paul Mercuri
Retrieved Oct 20, 2020

WikiPedia logo : WikiMedia
Retrieved Oct 20, 2020

Sky in Abruzzo : own work


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